In 1921, three ambitious brothers saw the steady decline of the popularity of the pocket watch as an opportunity to establish a brand that produced wristwatches for the common man. Oscar, the eldest brother and attorney, named himself the director of advertising and finances for the company. Benjamin, the middle child, who fought in World War I, took on the responsibility to manage all operations. And Ralph, the youngest brother, a true salesman at heart, utilized his natural skills and handled the sales aspect of the business. Proud of their Romanian heritage and strong family ties, the brothers combined Benjamin’s first and last name to form BENRUS and from that, a classic American brand was born.

Production steadily expanded through the 1940s-50s as designers went to work creating watches that expressed post war civilian life. During this time iconic pieces such as the Sky Chief, Citation, and the Dial-o-Rama were produced. They manufactured some of the most complicated mass produced watches of the time with new features such as calendars, alarms, and winding indicators. Watches from this era of BENRUS history are some of the most sought after watches in modern time.

Through the years, BENRUS was proudly worn on the wrists of many American heroes. A trusted companion on the battle field, the US military recognized the value of precision and ingenuity. The three brothers set out to create a wristwatch for the common man, however, what they truly did was create a watch for America’s finest and bravest.

Today we embrace our rich heritage which we are so proud of. The re-launch of BENRUS watches and the introduction of our bags and backpacks has inspired a whole new generation. The utilitarian style and military look of the original watches are stylistically represented in the fashion details of all our products. Each time piece and bag is branded US Military, as a nod to its past, but offers a contemporary fashion look that is unique to the market. A great deal of thought as well as rigorous testing goes into every product before we put the BENRUS name on it as we hope to honor all those who have worn the BENRUS name before us.

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