Jessica Ricci Jewelry

Jessica RicciAs the founder and designer behind Jessica Ricci Jewelry, Jess spends countless hours scouring the continents, finding objects with past lives and translating them into jewelry for each of her rich, unique collections.

After spending time amongst other people’s possessions once dear to them, from lace to keys and coins to religious amulets, she has found common threads that weave through all cultures. We all hope and pray, save money and spend it, work to make our homes beautiful, open doors and lock them behind. She humbly attempts to connect all of these seemingly disparate cultures within her jewelry lines.

Ricci draws upon her own experiences as a journalist, teacher, world-traveler and artist to create beautiful, hand-crafted designs that are anchored in symbolism, history and sentimentality.

Jessica grew up in Providence, Rhode Island where she studied English Literature at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Montana where she worked with a non-profit organization and passed time learning to bead simple necklaces, not knowing that the seed for a passionate career in jewelry design had been planted during those snowed-in wintry nights.

Eventually, Jessica made her way back to Rhode Island where she wrote for a small, local newspaper in a quaint fishing town. Ready for a new venture, Ricci set out to live in New York City where she earned her master’s degree in Journalism from New York University and worked for several diverse publications.

The designer left Manhattan to move to Italy and pursue her dream of combining writing, teaching and creation. It was in the ancient, magical city of Rome that Jessica became inspired to create more than beaded necklaces, but rather to develop an entirely new media, turning antique objects in to luxe wearable art, re-birthing one of a kind pieces for new generations to enjoy.

Through a patchwork of brief jewelry courses and a good deal of trial and error, Ricci’s ideas came to fruition, quickly developing into a series of collections that speak to and touch women from around the globe.

Jessica’s inspirations have taken her from Paris to Mumbai, Belgium to Nepal, in search of the markets, bazaars and far off worlds that feed her curiosity and nurture her creativity. She is always amazed by what she can unearth amidst vast vacancies or chaos and confusion, and what can evolve and emerge when applied to the world’s oldest art form.

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