L&E Team

2015 marks the six year anniversary of LENNY & EVA®.  What started out as a kitchen table idea has quickly grown into one of the most popular interchangeable jewelry collections available today. Founder and designer Kellie Fitzpatrick traded in her career as a teacher and photographer to bring her idea to life. With the hard work of only 11 team members, LENNY & EVA®, named after Kellie’s great-grandmothers, now ships to over 2000 retail locations internationally.  L&E™ headquarters is located in a renovated garage in the small town of Baxter, TN (population 1,384). It’s here the company proudly designs and creates this Made-in-the-USA collection of mix & match cuffs, necklaces, SENTIMENTS™, charms, and pendants.

Our LENNY & EVA® Story:

This was kismet. No doubt about it. I’ve worn many hats in my life-some which I still wear today and others I have tossed into the bottom of my closet. There’s nothing really glamorous about my story-I graduated college with a degree in English and taught at the high school level for 5 years before realizing there was a big possibility I had made the wrong career choice (Props to all you teachers out there).

I had a passion for photography. I picked it up on the side then quickly turned it into a full time career. During that time, I also managed to get married, have three children, and build a house-American Dream, Baby! It was one morning in the midst of beautiful chaos, I realized just how MUCH a girl’s life can change in just 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. I reflected on my life’s experiences-here I was at 30 something. How the many events, struggles, heartbreaks, and happiness mold us into the beings we are! I thought, “How wonderful would it be to have a jewelry piece that would allow you to express yourself in a different way every day, week, or year?” With encouragement from my husband, I set out to learn the ins and outs of creating our brand. Believe me when I say, I had NO prior knowledge of designing jewelry, working with leather, manufacturing, or marketing my idea. We ate pizza at least once a week, I stayed up late and woke up early to do what it took to figure it out. In January of 2009,  LENNY & EVA® was introduced to the world and it has undoubtedly turned into one of my greatest blessings. We all need to be inspired. One of my favorite quotes is, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.”

It was my desire to create a line that would speak to girls and women in all walks of their lives. There really is a SENTIMENT™ for every woman out there. We hope you will find inspiration in our selection of SENTIMENTS™ and will take the opportunity to share an inspiring word with the special women in your life.

Lenny & Eva Vendor Picture