Uno de 50

Uno de 50 LogoIn the late 1990s, a group of creative designers decided to establish a jewelry and accessories business that would set itself apart, a new brand that would break away from existing trends and impose its own philosophy and personality.

The project was based on a Utopian idea: to make only 50 units of each design, so that whoever had one piece would have one of the existing 50. Thus the name of the brand.

This Utopia came true thanks to the original designs of its collections and, with time, the company decided to expand its horizons so that more than 50 people could include a Uno de 50 piece among their favorites.

Furthermore, to thank our loyal followers and preserve the essence of the brand, we still offer Limited Editions of 50 pieces for collectors. Our collections do not follow trends or fashions: they are pieces that convey a unique, compelling, and timeless design. Inspired by everyday details in the world that surrounds them, our designers create objects with personality, amazing our public season after season with aesthetically unmistakable pieces.

The entire process, including design, molding, coating, mounting and handling, is carried out in Madrid (Spain), where our company is headquartered. One common characteristic of all our pieces is the use of a metal alloy that allows us to shape the fascinating designs of the brand, while providing such a distinctive manual texture. Once the pieces have been molded, they undergo an anti-allergenic process, with 15 microns of silver-plating and various quality controls, and are finally mounted on items that combine silver with leather, resin, glass, etc.

Uno de 50 Vendor Image